Most frequently asked questions


Maestrani chocolate bars are manufactured without the addition of artificial flavours, apart from the Banana Split bar in which a natural flavouring is used for a fully rounded taste.


Our products may not be suitable for consumption by diabetics. Persons suffering from diabetes should consult their medical practitioner about dietary issues.


The emulsifier we use is soya lecithin, which is also organically certified.


The Maestrani brand has over 160 years of experience, and over 35 years with organic products.


The colours of the chocolate bars come solely from the use of fruit powder. We use no colourings.


All chocolate bars are gluten-free.


In order to create a specially crisp taste experience, all Maestrani chocolate bars are 80 grams in weight. The thin shape intensifies the taste experience and reinforces the superior character of the product. The irregular size of the individual tablets and the Maestrani logo in the centre of the bar characterise our products and give them their unmistakable appearance.


Maestrani uses no genetically modified organisms in its products.


All Maestrani chocolates are manufactured solely in Flawil in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen.


Maestrani chocolate bars were launched in 2008.

Natural 100%

All ingredients in Maestrani chocolate bars are purely natural in origin.


The price of our Maestrani chocolate bars is more than the average for a standard bar of chocolate. This is because of the sophisticated manufacturing process, the use of first-class raw materials and the Fairtrade and Organic certification marks.

Raw materials (ingredients)

List of raw materials and countries of origin

- Cocoa mass: Peru
- Cocoa powder: Dominican Republic, or may come from other sources
- Milk: Switzerland
- Sugar: Crystallised cane sugar from Paraguay


9 different creation


The following bars are vegan and lactose-free:

- 72% cocoa
- Espresso, 72% cocoa
- Chilli, 60% cocoa
- Blueberries & Amaranth, 60% Cacao
- Matcha & Mint